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Our mission is to work with vulnerable target groups in Nigerian prisons to overcome economic and educational hardship, empowering individuals and aiding them to become self-sufficient.

Our goal is for the target beneficiaries to have sufficient empowerment. This will reduce the rate of re-offending and increase employment rates, which will directly have an effect on the poverty level in line with new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and also enhance the welfare and standard of the many in the society.

Beneficiary Story

Blessing was one of the beneficiaries, she was forced into crime by necessity and it seemed like this is how her life would be. She didn’t think there was a way out of this life and neither did anyone else. Following her release from the prison, she has found part time work with the project partner organisation, putting back into the project that helped her, helping more women in their transformation.

Where we work

Our Enactus Teesside team of volunteers works remotely from Middlesbrough in the United Kingdom. We arrange fundraisings, product sales and work to spread awareness and engagement about our projects.

We also have a team of amazing volunteers in Nigeria, which visit prisons and schools to teach courses in chalk making, jewellery making and more to our target group.

Who we work with

The project works with female offenders in Nigeria. Currently, we are working in south-west region of Nigeria, it comprises of six states; Ekiti, Lagos, Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Oyo.

However, we aim to expand the project and impacting more women in different prisons not only in Nigeria, but across Africa, and United Kingdom as well.

Some of our supporters

Pazeni Africa

Who are we?

We are registered organisation in England and Wales, an African led organisation operating in Nigeria and the UK. Save the Woman is based in Middlesbrough, North East, England charged with the task of providing or set up for the sole purpose of:

  • Advocacy support and Skills empowerment for incarcerated and ex-offending females based in Nigeria and UK.
  • As an extension we are currently supporting the work in Teesside University to build and enrich students life through business development and entrepreneurial studies.

In November 2018, Save The Woman supported the launch of the African and African-Caribbean Network at Teesside University, we also organised a ‘Commonwealth for Africa’ Conference at Teesside University in March 2019.

We hope you can support us to achieve more in this year 2020, so if you can donate anything, whether £1, £3, or £10 it will make a such difference. You can make a donation on our crowd funding page or email us for Save the Woman bank account details.

Thank you.

Some of our supporters

Save the Woman Background History and Progress

Save The Woman started as the brainchild of Olalekan Odedeyi in 2015, as a result of his involvement in Millennium Development Advocacy training while serving as a member of National Youth Service Corps. Olalekan developed an interest in MDG Goal 3, which seeks to promote gender equality and empower women. 

He established contact with the Welfare Department within the Nigerian prisons service to conduct a thorough needs assessment. It was revealed that being put in prison in Nigeria is like a bomb exploding in the women’s lives.