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Africentric Parenting Skills Course 101

The CEO of Save The Woman is driven by the views expressed by Shirley Chisholm, first African American woman to be elected to Congress:

“You don’t make progress by standing on the sidelines, whimpering and complaining. You make progress by implementing ideas”.

On the 26th July 2019, we organised a community conversation event titled “Public Views on Social Services in Teesside: Grassroots Perspective” held at Teesside University.  Following our success with the community conversation, our next plan of action was to commence the “Parenting Skills” programme.

It was developed to deliver valuable lessons for the community and Save The Woman’s stakeholders. However, plans to progress the face-to-face Africentric Parenting Skills Course 101 was disrupted by the Covid-19 Pandemic as STW had to move to emergency support, until we received funding support from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, we also received funding from County Durham Community Foundation from National Emergencies Trust Coronavirus Appeal. The funding received has helped us to temporarily commenced online course.

This customised Africentric Parenting Programme for African and Caribbean families is organised by Save The Woman in partnership with Family Mediation Centre. Objectives are as follows:

  • Enlighten parents on laws and regulations in UK
  • To promote better understanding between parents, their children, and young people.
  • Teaching Children to understand our family values.

Registration is in progress, if you are interested in participating in the Africentric Parenting Skills Course 101, you can complete the form for a space to be reserved for the next set.

What are families saying about our Africentric Parenting Skills Course in the UK?

"Who said there wasn't a manual to parenting?, I keep on saying there is manual, there is something, why was this course not there years ago?, why didn't we have this course, I wish we have this course years ago, I have learned so much, is like a life saver, you said your prayer, and God answer your prayer, He brought this course at the right time"
Africentric Parenting Skills Course 101
"After taking part in the 1st two modules of the program. I feel like I have been shown my true self, so empowering,”
Esther Nonyelum Osakwe
"Fantastic Work"
Andy Preston
Mayor of Middlesbrough

Some reported better respect for their home space as their children now see it as a safe haven

Others gained better understanding of themselves and their mental and emotional health.

Still yet others gained handy skills in parenting especially in managing young people & teenagers.

“I work for an organisation supporting children and families from a range of ethnic backgrounds who have all experienced discrimination and / or racism here in the UK. We have been discussing the needs of many of the Black African families arriving in Edinburgh, and we are looking to deliver a service that addresses some of the questions they have about parenting in the UK. Would you be free to have a discussion at some point about the course you deliver and whether there is some training / co working you may be able to support us with to deliver it in a Scottish context"
Project Worker
Edinburgh, Scotland
“The course looks very interesting and relevant to my service user’s needs. Does a referral have to be completed or can I pass the link onto mum to complete herself?”
Children Social Worker

Register your interest in the course and sign up using the forms linked below

You can only go onto the next level of course if you have already completed the previous one.

There has been a lot of interest across England, Wales and Scotland local authorities. Through the feedback forms completed by the participants, it is clear the world of difference this course has made to the lives of families.

I am not a parent, but I used to be a primary school teacher in a multicultural school in East London, where half of the students in my classes were of African or Caribbean descent. I came to the Africentric Parenting Course as a curious onlooker and I suppose with a background in anthropology, as a ‘participant observer’.

I enjoyed every minute of it and learnt a great deal about how having a positive mental attitude can help those around us. The trainer was exceptional: her words resonated throughout the meeting of 50 present and her support assistant was equally brilliant. Their attitude was nourishing and holistic. It was also inclusive; they encouraged all to take part and contribute so that all felt comfortable to share their experiences in order to have support from each other.

I don’t feel that these classes should be only for people of African-heritage. I feel that teachers and social workers should attend Save the Women educational sessions to have a deeper insight into African culture and the families they work with. Likewise, I hope that the trainers also work with parents from all different backgrounds, all of whom can benefit from these enriching sessions
Fabulous thank you so much Ola and good luck with the expansion of your amazing work!
Kate Jeffels, Chief Officer
Together Middlesbrough & Cleveland
Your work is excellent!
Ipsos Voice
I enjoyed the sessions and was enlightened about so many issues. I hope you're able to garner more support for all you do
Caroline Nakachwa, Community Engagement Officer
Together Middlesbrough & Cleveland

Showcase : Save The Woman Interview session

The CCSF Learning Hub team chatted with Olalekan Odedeyi (Ola), Chief Executive Officer, about its ‘Africentric Parenting Skills 101’ course, part of their ‘Building Bridges, Breaking Barriers project. “People in Scotland want us there too, but we can only offer a call. When you are there, you can see their feeling”.

John Atkinson, Community Action Officer from Middlesbrough Voluntary Development Agency (MVDA) and a partner of Save The Woman, and Chido Murinda who shadows Ola, also joined the conversation.

This document was produced as part of the Coronavirus Community Support Fund Learning Hub, made possible with funding from the National Lottery Community Fund and Her Majesty’s Government

Download CCSF Showcase
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Register your interest in the course and sign up using the forms linked below

You can only go onto the next level of course if you have already completed the previous one.