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If you want to make a difference in your community and believe that people can change with the right help, then Save the Woman is for you! 

How to get involved with “Save the Woman”?

  • If you’re a student at Teesside University, then you can join via Voluntees.

  • If you’re from Nigeria, close to Nigeria or willing to travel, you can complete a  “Volunteer Registration Form” 

Enactus Teesside (Partner to Save the Woman)

Enactus Teesside is working with Enactus UK, which is an international non-profit organization who aim to empower individuals to make opportunities into sustainable positive progress through entrepreneurial-based projects.

If you’re a student at Teesside University, you can join Enactus Teesside to make a change for the better for others and to improve and challenge yourself.

Team building

Team Building

Our programme offers skills and self development training for the volunteers on how to be passionate and driven for change. Our team of volunteers in Nigeria are trained to work with the women and teach them how to create chalk and the art of creating beaded jewellery.

We are also supporting the project’s development from the United Kingdom, where our team of volunteering students at Teesside University learn to make a difference by working together for fundraising, product sale and expansion for the Save the Woman Project.